SS16 Hotfix Czech Crystals Light Siam

SS16 Hotfix Czech Crystals Light Siam

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£1.79 / pack(s)
Price includes VAT, excl. delivery
Delivery weight: 1.6 g


Hotfix Czech Crystals suitable for most materials and craft objects,

Decorate t-shirts, duvet covers, towels, curtains with ease, no experience necessary quick to learn,

All Czech Crystals can be applied with either a Hotfix Applicator tool, Heat Press or a Household Iron,

Each crystal has a hard non sticky back glue, which once heated it becomes soft and attaches to whatever surface it is applied to,

They can even been machine washed once applied, simply turn the garment inside out and wash at 40 degrees or below,

You can find more information on this in our How to apply Rhinestones section

Each pack purchased contains approximately 36 hotfix czech crystals

Multiple packs purchased of the same size and colour will be packed in one bag, unless otherwise requested.


Additional product information

Amount per pack 36 stones
Crystal size SS16
Measurement 4.0mm
Back Flat Back with hotfix glue
Type Hotfix
Material Crystal
Weight per gross 1.6g

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