Sew on Czech Cut Princess Crystal 12mm

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Sew on Czech cut crystals are the professional choice for decorating glamorous accessories and garments such as wedding dresses, handbags, shoes and much more,

They are more versatile than normal rhinestones as they can come in very small sizes and much larger sizes, they also require no glue and are sewn on by hand, so this keeps things uniform and tidy,

Sew on Czech cut crystals are flatback and offer high brilliance as they offer many more cuts per crystal than standard rhinestones, this ensure they dazzle and sparkle from all angles making them perfect for someone's special day, big event or fashion show,

They can be machine washed and tumble dried once applied but you must not use a high spin,

Please refer to the chart below to see how many crystals are contained in this pack,

Multiple packs purchased of the same size and colour will be placed into one bag,

These Czech cut crystals are in stock and can be delivered within 24 hours.

Additional product information

Amount per pack 5 crystals
Crystal size 12mm
Measurement 12mm
Back Flat no glue
Type Sew on
Material Crystal Glass
Weight per gross N/A

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