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Introducing Hotfix Czech Cut Rhinestones for fashion and design

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"Add dazzling luxury to all your fabrics"

Get to know your hotfix products introducing first the "Hotfix Czech Crystals", which are ideally matched to fashion and design tasks that require that little bit of added luxury,

Hotfix czech cut rhinestones are different from your standard rhinestones as they offer more brilliance and facet cuts per crystal, they are perfect for work on materials that require the best, very popular with wedding dress designers and soft furnishing interior designers, as on bridal dresses they can bring lace to life and add dazzling patterns of beauty around the bridal gown hem using a mixture of sized crystals,

For soft furnishings Hotfix Rhinestones can be used to add small love heart shapes in the corner of towels or snowflakes designs upon cushions, this bring the ultimate feeling of luxury to any of these items when applied but their uses are endless, think duvet, think pillowcases and any other soft furnishings around your home.

No training or experience is needed to use hotfix rhinestones either, they are so easy to apply, just simply place the crystal where you want it, heat it up with an iron or hotfix tool for a few seconds and it will be apply and never become loose, once the secret of fashion design houses now available to everyone,

Order a small pack online today and have a try, once you start you will find it hard to stop.

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