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Hotfix Rivet idea for Denim Jeans

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"Give your boring old denim jeans a touch of high end class"

Get a fashion cutting edge design to your denim jeans, It is so simple but brilliant to add a little flare to your denim jeans, it just couldn't be any easier, all you need is a Hotfix Applicator Tool and some iron on rivets, the best kind of iron on rivets for denim jeans and most common choice for clothing designers are Hotfix Round Rivets. Hotfix Round Rivets can be seen from a mile away and are a true winner if your denim jeans are lacking that little something special.

To add the Hotfix rivets to your denim jeans it just couldn't be any easier, just simply wait for your Hotfix applicator tool to heat up to around 90 degrees this usually takes around 2 minuites, place the denim jeans on a flat clean surface with both pockets facing towards you, make sure there are no creases on the pockets, Then start to place the rivets around the outline of the pockets in a straight and tidy order, once the rivets are placed all around the pockets you can then begin to hotfix them, this is if your happy with how they look, if you are not happy you can play around and create all sorts of different patterns.

The finishing product should look something like the image below, a wonderful designer worthy set of jeans.

Round Rivets

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