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What are Hotfix Rhinestones

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"Understand Hotfix Rhinestones in detail"

Hotfix Rhinestones are small crystal glass objects and offer similar effects to diamonds and other sparkling gems but obviously not priced or valued in the same way as diamonds, they are small pieces of crystal cut glass some have 8 facets, some have 10, 12 and even 14 facets,

All Hotfix Rhinestones have a flat back, this means that one side of the rhinestone is totally flat whilst the other side is all sparkly cut and shiny, on hotfix rhinestones you will notice that the flat back is either a green or grey colour, this green or grey is a glue, the glue can become soft and clear once heated purposely and then when it hardens again it still remains clear, if it was heated and allowed to harden on a surface or material it would cause the rhinestone to attach to it, this is what you want,

The glue on a unheated rhinestone is hard to touch, not sticky and can cause no mess, the glue only becomes active when heated, you can heat the rhinestone in many ways by using a household iron, a heat press or a hotfix applicator tool,

It is always best to heat the rhinestone in the place you want to attach it, once applied it will last for many washes if applied to clothing, and should in the unlikely event that the rhinestone becomes loose it is very easy to replace with another rhinestone.

Hotfix Rhinestones

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